1990s sci fi anthology TV series


محاولة تذكر اسم العرض. كانت تتمحور حول مدينة غير مسمى. وتشمل الحلقات وجود استنساخ. تغيير الجنس الجسدي لرؤية ومحاولة فهم ما هو مثل العيش مثل الجنس الآخر. علاقة أخرى بمجتمع محاط بالأسوار خارج المدينة. مثل 50 عامًا ، ظن بعض الناس أن العالم سينتهي. أقاموا مركب البقاء. يتم تشغيله من قبل الروبوتات. الشخصية الرئيسية طفل يعيش هناك. لديهم كل غرفة نوم ، حياة ريجيمنتيد جداً. المعلمون والمديرون هم الروبوتات.

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يبدو هذا مثل مرحبًا بك في Paradox .

Episode 6 - "A wealthy old man has himself cloned so that he can transplant his brain into younger versions of himself. This would insure him perpetual youth and perhaps eternal life. His life gets an unexpected turn when the target clone begins to realize who he is and what he was created for."


Episode 11 - "Technology has enabled the populace of Betaville to change ones sex as easily as changing ones clothes. So when Cleo Lawson finds that her husband is a philanderer she takes the opportunity to change her sex as a means to understanding what it is to be a man, and perhaps why her husband is the way he is."


Episode 8 - "Hemeac is a student at a school run entirely by machines. Computer controlled androids teach the students mind expanding educational material as well as mechanical precision and computer logic. Unfortunately the Dean of Students is breaking down thus forcing Hemeac to react beyond his learning, but is the time to act too late?"

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