Reborn في نمط الذاكرة والقيود


يأتي هذا السؤال من إجابة حصلت عليها من إريك على هذا السؤال .

بناءً على هذا الجواب ، يولد الجميع من جديد في هذا النمط. حتى لو تم تدميرك بالازهر؟! سؤالي هو ، هل يمكن لأي شخص أن يتذكر حياته الماضية؟ هل هذا فقط بالنسبة للتنين والناس الذين يزورون aelfinn؟ هل يمكن للظلام أن يعيد الذكريات إلى المختارات التي ولدت من جديد من خلال النمط؟

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من المهم ملاحظة أن أغلبية ذكريات "مات" ليست ذكرياته الخاصة ، وهي أكثر عشوائية التي استخدمها Aelfinn لملء الثقوب:

من مقابلة عام ٢٠٠٧ :

QUESTION Are all of Mat’s memories from his past lives?

ROBERT JORDAN No, Mat’s “old” memories are not from his past lives at all. The “sickness” he got from the Shadar Logoth dagger resulted in holes in his memory. He found whole stretches of his life that seemed to be missing. When he passed through the “doorframe” ter’angreal in Rhuidean, one of the things he said – not knowing that the rules here were different than in the other ter’angreal he had used – was that he wanted the holes in his memory filled up, meaning that he wanted to recover his own memories. In this place, however, it was not a matter of asking questions and receiving answers, but of striking bargains for what you want. What he received for that particular demand was memories gathered by the people on that side of the ter’angreal, memories from many men, all long dead, from many cultures. And since not everyone passing by has the nerve to journey through a ter’angreal to some other world, the memories he received were those of adventurers and soldiers and men of daring.

يبدو أن مسألة استخدامه المبكر للغة القديمة هي حالة "الدم القديم":

Twitter، 2011 :

LEE DAVIS The speaking the Old Tongue is from his bloodline though, not his memories in that case, isn't it?

BRANDON SANDERSON Yes, but it's still foreshadowing. He's the one who does it, not the others.

SLEEPINGHOUR In The Eye of the World, is Mat remembering the Old Tongue from his own past life or from his ancestors?

TEREZ Good question. He seems to have confirmed Old Blood for the Old Tongue, but the Aemon memory?

FELIX PAX That's what my belief is, Aemon. Mat Cauthon is the reborn soul of Aemon. Aemon's Old Tongue.

BRANDON SANDERSON It isn't made clear. It could be either. The implication is his bloodline

هل التفاعل المحتمل لراند مع حياته السابقة مميز؟

Dragoncon 2005

QUESTION Is one of the effects of the taint to lower the boundaries
between past lives or is Rand a special case?

ما يعيدنا إلى

في عجلة الزمن ، يمكن لشخص واحد أن يكون لديه العديد من الشخصيات ، فيما يتعلق بالظلام ، فقد تبين أنه قادر على التقاط روح في وقت الوفاة ، بشخصيته الحالية ووضعها في هيئة أخرى تطهرها من أي المشكلات على سبيل المثال الجنون إيلان. ليس هناك أي حالات من Dark One تتفاعل مع شخصيات الروح السابقة.

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أعتقد أن هذا يدل على أن المرسل لديه بعض القدرة على القيام بذلك. ماذا لو تمكنت فجأة من الحصول على صوت Moridin في رأسك ...

“He’s insane,” she said coolly. Standing there stiff as a statue, Min’s knife hilt still sticking out beside her collarbone and the front of her black dress glistening with blood, she might have been a queen on her throne. “Graendal could explain it better than I. Madness was her specialty. I will try, however. You know of people who hear voices in their heads? Sometimes, very rarely, the voices they hear are the voices of past lives. Lanfear claimed he knew things from our own Age, things only Lews Therin Telamon could know. Clearly, he is hearing Lews Therin’s voice. It makes no difference that his voice is real, however. In fact, that makes his situation worse. Even Graendal usually failed to achieve reintegration with someone who heard a real voice. I understand the descent into terminal madness can be . . . abrupt.” - Semirhage Knife of Dreams pg 612

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